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Our Way to A Green Footprint


Meet KelleE & David

We are on a mission!

Each day the world is changing around us, and yet it is still so hard for us to change some of the little things. The items we use, the roads we take, the food we consume. 

It's time to break some of those old habits. 

We founded Ancient Earth as a way to promote green living. Focusing on zero-waste by using recyclable material in production and in shipping. Natural ingredients that are sourced from cruelty-free and ethical companies. 


Our goal:

Great products that show that we care about the world while still caring about what we put on our bodies. Accomplishing the same time. 

Once you change to our handcrafted products, we know you will not only see the difference, but we hope you can also feel the difference it makes. 

Thank you for helping us make the big steps!

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